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A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide for
Parents of English Language Learners
Designed for Beginning-Low to Lower-Intermediate ESL Adult Students.
English from Home to School is a 36 – page workbook for adults learning English. Geared particularly for those with children in the school system, this workbook allows for hours of conversations surrounding daily routines from early in the morning until the children arrive at school. While the workbook is arranged to allow the teacher to assist parents with their own English acquisition, it is also designed for something of equal importance. The conversations allow the instructor to stress the importance of school readiness, good nutrition, the importance of regular dental and medical visits, financial literacy and more! This is our first workbook designed exclusively for use within the ESL classroom setting and we know you will find it an invaluable tool to assist you with promoting family engagement!
And There’s More!
With the purchase of 15 or more workbooks for students, teachers will receive a FREE Teacher’s Guide. Even though the workbook is packed full of questions to guide you in leading meaningful conversations, the Teacher’s Guide contains: * supplemental vocabulary
* suggestions for expanding classroom discussion
* ideas for working in pairs & groups
* grammar suggestions
* general ideas
The general ideas section offers suggestions for maximizing learning, such as: * inviting resource people to class to talk about anything from the importance of properly utilizing car seats to the importance of regular dental visits.
* utilizing maps and other handouts to assist with learning all about the U.S.
* outside “research” projects to encourage the learning of things like local traffic laws, volunteer opportunities, the names of various professions & different community buildings
* financial literacy
* explaining idioms & phrasal verbs
* suggestions for in-class scenarios, presentations and demonstrations


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