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Translated comments from Spanish to English.

Improve parental involvement by helping your Spanish-speaking parents communicate with you!

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PDF Icon Sample Page from Step Into English 141kb download (less than 30 seconds on 28.8)

Translated comments from Spanish to English.

Improve parental involvement by helping your Spanish-speaking parents communicate with you!

WHAT is Step Into English?
Step Into English is a 20-page workbook that enables your Spanish-speaking parents to instantly communicate with you in writing. This is a unique tool designed to assist your Spanish-speaking parents with their English acquisition AND school communication AND parental involvement. With over 75 comments for school notes already translated into English, your families choose the comments they need and simply copy them right out of their workbook. It’s that simple! Affordable enough for each of your families, this resource will not only assist them with the very important task of acquiring English, it will also open the lines of communication and encourage parental involvement.

HOW Do Your Families Use Step Into English?
Mr. and Mrs. Chávez share all the notes that they have written for their three children; David in High School, Ana in Middle School & Clarita in Elementary school. Your parents simply change the Chávez’s information, (which is underlined), for their own. Take a look at a few of the categories & examples of translated comments:


  • CHANGE OF INFORMATION . . . Parents can inform you of any change in their address, telephone, emergency contact information, etc.
    Example: Mi familia se ha mudado y tenemos nueva dirección. MY FAMILY HAS MOVED AND WE HAVE A NEW ADDRESS.
  • PLEASE EXCUSE . . . Enables parents to advise the school of their child’s absences, tardies, etc. Examples: Favor de disculpar a Ana de la escuela el jueves, el 12 de enero. PLEASE EXCUSE ANA FROM SCHOOL ON THURSDAY, JAN. 12.
    Había una emergencia familiar. THERE WAS A FAMILY EMERGENCY.
  • THE SCHOOL BUS . . . Parents can advise you of changes in their schedule that will affect the bus. Example: Clarita no va a tomar el autobús a casa esta tarde. CLARITA WILL NOT RIDE THE BUS HOME THIS AFTERNOON.
  • MAKING APPOINTMENTS . . . Open the lines of communication between parents and school. Example: Me gustaría hacer una cita para una visita guiada de la escuela. I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO TOUR THE SCHOOL.

In addition, Step Into English allows parents to prepare for their child’s parent/teacher conference. There are over 50 questions, (mostly yes-no questions), that parents may write out and practice prior to meeting with you for your conference. Categories include ability, attitude, behavior, participation & more,

Take a look:

  • STUDY HABITS – ¿Entrega David las tareas a tiempo? Does David hand in assignments on time?
  • BEHAVIOR – ¿Es cortés a sus compañeros? Is he courteous to his classmates?

But, wait! There’s even more to Step Into English
Parents will also learn the following:

  • How to Address and Sign a Note or Letter
  • How to write the Date Using Ordinal Numbers
    • Days of the Week
    • Months of the Year
    • Family Members
    • School Subjects
    • School Sports
  • His and Her
  • He & She
  • The apostrophe and expressing possession

And, there’s more!
School forms need to be completed by Mom or Dad? Also included in the workbook is a 100+ word glossary that includes the terminology typically found on standard school forms and documents to help parents fill out their own forms. Take a look:

  • Address – Dirección; Domicilio
  • Age – Edad
  • Date of Birth – Fecha de nacimiento
  • Father’s Name- Nombre del padre
  • Health Insurance Seguro de salud
  • Medications – Medicamentos
  • Person to call in case of emergency -Persona para llamar en caso de emergencia
  • Phone (day) – Teléfono (día)
  • Place an X in the boxes that apply – Ponga X en los casilleros que apliquen
  • Zip Code – Código postal


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