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What is Quick Steps?

A Resource for Teachers in English/Chinese
Writing notes home in Spanish or Somali, for  example, is easy with our Going Home series.  But, what do you do when you need to send correspondence home in a language that’s NOT based on the Roman alphabet? Now, it’s simple!! Quick Steps is a 3½ by 8½ booklet that contains 50 typical comments, already translated for you.  You choose the comment that applies to your student, clip it from your booklet and send it home to Mom and Dad.  They receive the comment in both languages, keeping them informed about their child’s progress. Because the comments are all bilingual, you may also be assisting  Mom and Dad with their own English acquisition!

Comments are all positive and informative and categorized by ability, attendance, behavior, participation and more.  There’s even a place in your booklet for you to record the name of the student, the name of the parent or guardian, and the date the note was sent home.

Quick Steps makes a great companion to any of our parent notepads.

What are the Quick Steps?
1) Clip the comment you want
2) Record the date and names on a separate stub that you keep for your records
3) Send home along with a report card, a project, a special assignment or all
by itself as a special treat for the student and the family!


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