What is My Spanish Book?

My Spanish Book is your “go-to” textbook. It’s a 90-page workbook/textbook designed for adults attending basic, conversational Spanish class. This is a unique resource that allows instructors to maximize their time and provide students with what they want! As you know, the majority of adults that take a non-credit, conversational Spanish class generally have one or two reasons for wanting to learn: 1- They are traveling to a Spanish-speaking location (be it for pleasure, a mission trip or business). 2- They want to interact with native Spanish-speakers they encounter in their daily lives, both professionally and personally.

With this in mind, My Spanish Book was developed. What makes it unique? The focal point of the workbook is something often overlooked by many teaching texts: COGNATE WORDS. After you teach your students pronunciation and some basics of the language (which are thoroughly presented in your workbook), right away students are incorporating their newly-learned cognates (grouped by category), with tengo, hay, estoy, soy, es, está and even me gusta and ¿te gusta? Within just the first few classes, they are making statements such as Tengo los documentos necesarios de la clínica en mi carro, (I have the necessary documents from the clinic in my car) and Los lunes, los monumentos en la ciudad están cerrados a la pública, (On Mondays, the monuments in the city are closed to the public).They can ask questions such as ¿Te gusta el director de la escuela de tus hijos? (Do you like the principal at your children’s school), and ¿Hay desayuno en el hotel en la mañana? (Is there breakfast at the hotel in the morning?).

As the instructor, if you no longer want some great, big, thick book for that non-credit, 8-week class that meets for 75-minutes twice a week! (why overwhelm your students on their first day of class?), then this is the perfect choice!

Arranged by an instructor with over 35 years of experience teaching ADULTS, My Spanish Book gets right to the heart of what your students want – and it’s not the names of college subjects and obscure verbs they can’t use. They want immediate communication they CAN use, whether it’s to supplement the app or website they’re already using or to practice with their new girlfriend!

Here are a few highlights:

  • Full Pronunciation & Verbal Stress Guide; Vowels; Diphthongs, Consonants
  • What exactly are the subject pronouns and grammatical persons and why are they important?
  • 12 categories of cognate nouns
  • Hundreds of pertinent vocabulary your students can use
  • ser & estar and how to start using them right away
  • Adjectives & Adverbs
  • Food
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Interrogatives
  • Days
  • Months
  • Numbers and Telling Time
  • Body Parts
  • Family Members
  • Tengo (presented separately and immediately, along with the numbers 1-10), me gusta, ¿te gusta?, hay, ir, tener
  • Useful verbs and how to utilize them right away (beber is nowhere to be found!!)

Your workbook also includes 15 supplemental pages that you, the instructor, decide when and how to incorporate into your classroom conversations.

It’s ALL for only $16.95 BUT order 15 or more copies and receive a 10% discount AND a Free Instructor’s Guide!!

Your workbook includes 15 supplemental pages. You, the instructor, decide when and how to incorporate them into your classroom conversations. Two sample pages are included with your brochure!

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