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What is Treat It With Spanish?
Treat It With Spanish is a 70-page workbook designed to meet the needs of the school nurse. Treat It With Spanishwill expand your ability to communicate with your Spanish-speaking students AND their families. With this valuable resource, you will begin learning job-related Spanish without wasting valuable time learning vocabulary that you can’t use and grammar that you don’t need. Your workbook contains HUNDREDS of names of ailments and diseases, PLUS over 150 practice exercises, PLUS over 150 translations from English to Spanish for correspondence home to keep parents informed. Translations include common ailments along with their causes, symptoms and treatments. They also advise of upcoming health education sessions and screenings. Just copy the needed phrases right out of your workbook and keep your families up-to-date!

WHO will benefit from Treat It With Spanish?
  1. the school nurse who has never studied Spanish before. The complete pronunciation guide in your workbook, accompanied by the supplemental audio CD will take you, step by step, through the basics of pronunciation. You will learn how to speak AND how to listen to what is being said to you.
  2. the school nurse who has some prior background in Spanish. Perhaps you took a few years of high school Spanish, or a semester or two in college, (no matter how long ago). Refresh your memory with pertinent vocabulary & grammar basics.
  3. the school nurse that is bilingual in Spanish and English. Want to refresh your vocabulary, especially the names of ailments and diseases? Or, perhaps you would like to work on your spelling and grammar in order to send correspondence home to parents in Spanish.

WHAT is included in Treat It With Spanish?
  • pronunciation
  • gender
  • verbs ‘to be’
  • present tense verbs
  • greetings & farewells
  • adjectives
  • stem-changers
  • numbers & time
  • possessive pronouns
  • articles
  • days of the week
  • object pronouns
  • reflexive verbs
  • months
  • commands
  • past tense verbs
  • prepositions
  • practice exercises with answers
  • irregular verb

Vocabulary Includes:
  • The names of more than 350 medical conditions and medical-related terms in Spanish!
  • Body Parts & Organs
  • Medical Job Titles
  • Family Members
  • Abbreviations

Special Features:
  • Cultural tidbits
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius Chart
  • Memorization Tips

Supplemental Materials:
  • Audio CD to Accompany Workbook only $4.95 - Click here
  • Set of 12 Pocket-size Laminated Reference Cards only $5.00 - Click here
    (pocket-sized cards of commonly used phrases, commands & vocabulary)
  • Order all three items and pay only $29.90 - Click here

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