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WHAT is Step Into English 3?



Step Into English 3 is a continuation of our very popular Step Into English series. While, Step Into English 2 focuses on the English present tense, our newest workbook instructs your parents on how to use the two main English past tenses, (the Simple Past and the Present Perfect). Just like all other Spanish Steps materials, Step Into English 3 is designed to assist your Spanish-speaking parents with the very important task of acquiring English, AND maintaining open-lines of communication AND encouraging parental involvement.  


HOW Do Your Families Use Step Into English 2?


Similar in format to the other workbooks in this series, Step Into English 3 is a 23-page, spiral bound workbook. The focus is on the English past tense. 

 All instruction is bilingual. Here is what’s included: 


· The Simple Past Tense is broken into five groups for easy categorization of verb forms.


· The verb to be in the Simple Past Tense 


· The Past Progressive


· How to ask questions in the Simple Past Tense


· How to form negative sentences in the Simple Past Tense


· The Present Perfect Tense (includes irregular past participles)


· How to ask questions in the Present Perfect Tense


· How to form negative sentences in the Present Perfect Tense


     · Making the contractions didn’t, hasn’t, haven’t, wasn’t & weren’t

     ·   DOZENS of exercises for LOTS of practice!

There are even more translated comments to help parents communicate with you!



Gloria and Jorge Chávez continue sharing all the notes they have written for Ana, (now a senior in high school), Clarita in the 6th grade, and Daniel, who is already in 2nd grade. And, meet the baby of the family, Miguel, who is in preschool. Your parents simply copy the comment they need, changing the Chávez  information, (which is underlined), for their own. Take a look at an example of a translated comment from the category of . . .  


Example: Daniel se cayó ayer después de la escuela y se hizo daño.



Here are the rest of the categories:


· SCHOOL ABSENCES - Helping parents keep you up-to-date on absences.


· BREAKING AWAY FROM ROUTINE - Allows parents to let you know when something out of the ordinary is happening at home.


· VOLUNTEERING - Parents, (and you!), can never have enough comments to help them volunteer at school and in the classroom.


· What happened over summer vacation - All kinds of comments to help parents update you on their child’s progress over the summer months.


· COMMENTS REGARDING YOUR LITTLE ONE - This section contains typical comments relating to preschool and kindergarten.



And finally . . . a full list of school holidays and other special days.

All for



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