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A Resource for Pre-school Teachers, Daycare Providers & Anyone Working with Little Ones Ages 2 - 5 !!

One-Stop Spanish Spot  is your ONE-STOP SPOT to include Spanish in your classroom or daycare! Whether you have one Spanish-speaking child or many, now you can duplicate all your own awesome & creative materials in Spanish. You already have everything you need - you just need the words! Have you been wanting to speak Spanish with the children? Now you can! Or, perhaps you don’t have any Spanish-speaking children at all, but want to teach the language!  This 37-page workbook provides you with all the Spanish vocabulary you need. We’ll even show you how to type those pesky accent marks!


What’s included to help you speak & understand Spanish?

  • Letter names & sounds of the Spanish alphabet
  • Word groups to practice ALLITERATION & RHYMING
  • How to pronounce words & phrases, (phonetics throughout)!!
  • Working with children when they are ill
  • Transitioning Phrases
  • Open-ended questions
  • Giving gentle commands
  • Yes/no questions (when you need that answer in a hurry)!

What vocabulary is included? (Great for your PRINTED material)!

  • Clothing
  • Weather
  • Food

  • Feeling Words
  • Colors
  • Days
  • Months
  • Community Jobs
  • Shapes
  • Body Parts
  • Animals
  • Family Members
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Play Areas
  • Schedule Signs
  • Holiday Signs
  • General Information
  • Vocabulary for Rhyming Cards

What else is included?

  • Hispanic Name Structure
  • Cultural Info
  • Tips & Ideas

Alliteration & Rhyming

For children, alliteration and rhyming are HUGE. Your workbook has hundreds of words categorized alphabetically to help you practice alliteration & rhyming with the children. Just add your own pictures and group your words however you want.

Who can use One-Stop Spanish Spot?

ANYONE working with little ones between the ages of 2 - 5 that . . . 

  • wants to duplicate their own awesome and creative materials to Spanish.
  • wants to communicate with Spanish-speaking children in their native language.
  • wants to teach English-speaking children some Spanish, (parents will love you for it)!
  • wants to start or continue learning Spanish!

ALL for ONLY $13.95 

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