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A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide to speaking Spanish for Fruit and Vegetable Farmers
A 28-page workbook designed to assist fruit and vegetable farmers in the communication with Spanish-speaking employees and co-workers. Whether you have limited or no prior knowledge of Spanish, or you already have a solid grasp on pronunciation and basic sentences, this valuable resource will prove beneficial to you as you continue to communicate on the farm.

Who will benefit from Grow With Spanish?

Fruit and vegetable farmers who have been wanting to begin learning Spanish, but just haven’t found the time yet. This workbook introduces you to the fundamentals of the language and, at the same time, gives you job-related vocabulary and phrases to immediately begin using what you are learning. Farming professionals with prior knowledge of Spanish will also benefit from the workbook. It is an excellent review for someone with one or two years of high school Spanish, or someone who already communicates quite nicely with employees and co-workers, but wants to expand his or her vocabulary and fluidity of speech.

How is Grow With Spanish beneficial to the farming professional?

You may begin learning Spanish without wasting valuable time learning vocabulary that you can’t use and grammar that you don’t need. All of the vocabulary contained within the workbook relates to YOUR profession and only your profession.

What is included in Grow With Spanish?

  • Pronunciation
  • Greetings & the Interview
  • Colors
  • Days of the Week
  • Explanation of Gender
  • Housing & Salary
  • Months of the Year
  • How to Ask Questions
  • How to Make Requests
  • Explanation of Verbs
  • Practice Exercises & a Full Answer Key
  • Over 200 Vocabulary Words Related to Fruit & Vegetable Farming

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