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What is Blessed With Spanish?

Blessed With Spanish is a 100-page workbook designed for Christians learning Spanish. Whether you already know some Spanish or have no background at all in the language, this is a unique resource that helps you learn the Spanish you need and want to make the most of your work in service and your interactions with Spanish-speakers. If you’re looking to connect to Spanish-speakers through teaching, ministering, mission trips or just during chance encounters - Blessed With Spanish is a must-have companion!

Because your workbook is designed in ‘steps’ you can take as many or as few as you want and work at your own pace in order to learn Spanish that is meaningful to your encounters. Your workbook is arranged so that you can learn alone or together with a friend or family member. It’s also perfect as either a supplement or primary text for an organized class. Now you can come together with friends and colleagues not only to fellowship, but to learn Spanish together as well!!

Blessed With Spanish is a great resource to supplement all of your valuable resources, such as apps, online translators, reference books and, of course, friends and colleagues!

There’s really too much to mention here, but some key areas in your workbook are:

  • A basic pronunciation guide with simple and straight-forward explanations of verbal stress and accent marks
  • Information about the Spanish of different parts of the world
  • Cultural information
  • Hundreds of vocabulary words pertinent to Christian living (including a full glossary)
  • Spanish names of the Bible Books of The Old Testament
  • Spanish names of the Bible Books of The New Testament
  • Ordinal and cardinal numbers so you learn how to quote author, chapter & verse
  • Well-known Spanish-names of biblical people & places
  • Lots and lots of Practice Activities to help you learn to tell all about YOU
  • Biblical verses throughout to reinforce grammar concepts & vocabulary. (Bible verses are taken from The New Living Translation (La Nueva Traducción Viviente - NLT)
  • Simple & clear grammar explanations (including the concept of gender and the different addresses for the 2nd-person).
  • Nouns, adjectives & verbs that are categorized in A SPECIAL WAY to help you learn their meaning
  • Greetings, common expressions, expressing time
  • How to make requests and give advice (affirmative & negative commands)
  • . . . << Vayan por todo el mundo y prediquen la Buena Noticia a todos. (Marcos16:15)

It’s ALL for only $16.95!!

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