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What is Get A Head Start With Spanish?

Get A Head Start With Spanish  is our first workbook designed specifically for the teachers of our youngest students.  This 32-page workbook provides you with the tools you need to instantly communicate in writing with the Spanish-speaking parents of your preschoolers.  How?  Get A Head Start With Spanishprovides you with the vocabulary and basic instruction you need to write over 600 comments home to Mom and Dad regarding the progress and performance of their child in your classroom.

How do you use Get A Head Start With Spanish?

The premise of the workbook is to help you build your own comments by using sentence openers and then picking and choosing the vocabulary you need. The result: you can create hundreds of comments home to Mom and Dad.  Take a look at an example:
Begin your comments with one of the three phrases in the first box and then add a phrase from the second box to complete the comments.  The child’s name goes in the blank! 

____ can . . .   ___ puede . . .

____ is learning (how) to . . .  ____ est á aprendiendo a . . . 

____ has learned (how) to . . .   ____ ha aprendido  a . . .

count to five  contar hasta cinco              identify colors identificar los colores
              read his/her name leer su nombre              recite the ABCs recitar el abecedario

WHO will benefit from Get A Head Start With Spanish?

  1. The workbook is beneficial to the teacher who has never studied Spanish before, and would llike to acquire some basic knowledge about the language.
  2. Teachers who have prior knowledge of Spanish will also benefit from the workbook.  It is an excellent review if you have had one or two years of high school or college Spanish (no matter how long ago), or if you would like to broaden your vocabulary and writing skills.

But wait!!  There’s even more!  Get A Head Start With Spanish also includes:

  • Information about Preschool and Celebrated Holidays in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Information about the Spanish alphabet and the Hispanic name structure.
  • Tips for writing home to parents.
  • Fun Cultural Information
  • Basic Grammar:
    • Definite Articles & Gende
    • Making Nouns Plural
    • Expressing Likes & Dislikes (gustar)
    • Infinitive Verbs
    • 3rd-person conjugated verbs
    • LOTS of practice exercises (with answers)!
  • More translations regarding:
  • Reminders for Mom & Dad
  • Health Issues
  • Special Events at School
  • Pleasantries

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