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WHAT is Step Into English 2?

Step Into English 2 is a continuation of our very popular Step Into English. This 22-page workbook picks up where the original workbook leaves off, and continues enabling your Spanish-speaking parents to communicate with you in writing. The workbook is designed to assist your Spanish-speaking parents with their English acquisition AND school communication AND parental involvement. With almost 100 comments for school notes already translated into English, your families choose the comments they need and simply copy them right out of their workbook. It’s that simple! Affordable enough for each of your families, this resource will not only assist them with the very important task of acquiring English, it will also open the lines of communication and encourage parental involvement.

HOW Do Your Families Use Step Into English 2?

David has moved on to the university, but Mr. and Mrs. Chávez continue sharing all the notes that they have written for Ana, (now in high school), Clarita in the 4th grade, and Daniel, who has just started Kindergarten. Your parents simply change the Chávez’ information, (which is underlined), for their own. Take a look at an example of a translated comment from the category BEING A VOLUNTEER:

Example: Me gustaría ayudar en el salón de clase.

Here are the categories of comments:

  • BEING A VOLUNTEER: - All kinds of comments to help parents express that they would like to volunteer at school, help out with activities, even communicate with other Spanish-speaking parents!

  • INFORMING THE TEACHER ABOUT YOUR CHILD - This section allows parents to tell the teacher all about their child. Especially useful for the new school year and after a school break.

  • HAPPY NEWS TO REPORT - Parents can keep you apprised of exciting times in their household.

  • SAD NEWS TO REPORT - Parents can inform you when a difficult situation is happening at home.


    And there’s even more to Step Into English 2

    Your parents will also learn additional English grammar. All instruction is bilingual.
    Here’s what is included:
    • Subject Pronouns & Grammatical Person
    • What is an Infinitive Verb?
    • Using I would like, please and the Verb to be able to in Sentences
    • Conjugating Regular and Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense
    • All About the Verb to have
    • The Verb to be and Two of its Functions
    • As the Main Verb b) Auxiliary Verb with the Present Progressive
    • How to Make Sentences Negative
    • Contractions
    • VOCABULARY; Dozens of Nouns & Verbs
    • Common to School-Related Activities
    • LOTS of exercises for LOTS of practice!

    AND . . . a list of acronyms & abbreviations commonly used
    within the school system. Examples:

    • BOE - Board of Education
    • GPA - Grade Point Average
    • ESL - English as a Second Language
    • Junta de Educación
    • Promedio de notas
    • Inglés como segunda lengua

    AND . . . Titles of Common School Forms such as . . .

    • Emergency Information Card
    • Authorization to Give Medication
    • Vision Screening Form
    • Tarjeta de información para emergencia
    • Autorización para dar medicamento
    • Formulario para la prueba de visión

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