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A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide to Speaking Spanish for Teachers
Spanish With Class is a 45-page workbook designed to assist K - 12 teachers with their communication with Spanish-speaking students in the classroom. The workbook may be used by the teacher who has never studied Spanish before and is looking to begin acquiring some basic knowledge of the language. It may also be used by the teacher who currently does not have time in his or her busy schedule to enroll in a course, but is anxious to acquire some grammar. Additionally, it may be used as a self-taught course, or as a textbook for a more organized class. Spanish With Class will teach you phrases that you may begin to use on your first day of studying! It could easily become one of your most valuable teacher resources.

Who will benefit from Spanish With Class?

  1. Teachers who have been wanting to begin learning Spanish, but just haven’t found the time yet. This workbook introduces you to the fundamentals of the language and, at the same time, gives you job-related vocabulary and phrases to immediately begin using what you are learning.
  2. Teachers who have prior knowledge of Spanish will also benefit from the workbook. It is an excellent review if you have had one or two years of high school or college Spanish (no matter how long ago), or if you would like to broaden your vocabulary and speaking ability.

How is Spanish With Class beneficial to the teaching professional?

You will begin learning job-related Spanish without wasting valuable time learning vocabulary that you can’t use and grammar that you don’t need. All of the vocabulary contained within your workbook relates to YOUR profession and ONLY your profession.

What is included in Spanish With Class?

  • pronunciation
  • regular verbs in the present tense
  • greetings & farewells
  • irregular verbs in the present tense
  • question words
  • gustar - expressing likes & dislikes
  • all about gender
  • singular & plural commands
  • ajdectives & adverbs
  • colors, body parts & family members
  • stem-changing verbs
  • translations of common phrases
  • reflexive verbs
  • dozens of job-related vocabulary
  • direct object pronouns
  • all about verbal stress
  • ser & estar
  • rules for placement of pronouns
  • practice exercises & a full Answer Key
  • a lot more!

A Special Note for Spanish Instructors:

Planning a Spanish class after school for your teachers? We recommend that you supplement it with our practice exercises as well as Going Home With Spanish. Your teachers will immediately begin speaking and writing in Spanish after your very first class!"

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