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What is The Principal Steps?

It is often quite a challenging task for school administrators to accommodate newly-arrived students from Mexico.  Which grade level should I place them in?;  How can I decipher report cards and transcripts?;  How is the Mexican Education System different than the U.S?;  What does it really mean when a 13-year old advises that he just completed the 2nd grade?  All of these issues and more are addressed in The Principal StepsA Step-by-Step Guide to Written Spanish for School Administrators.  This 46-page workbook also has over 200 translated comments AND lessons to help you build original sentences for your written correspondence.

How is The Principal Steps arranged?

Your workbook is divided into 3 areas:

  1. An overview of the Mexican Education System: 
  • A full explanation of primary and secondary education
  • School Calendar & Celebrated Holidays in Mexico
  • How to read transcripts and report cards
  1. Using cognate words to build sentences, requests and questions

  2. 200 translated comments ready to copy from your workbook. 
    Categories are:
  • Words to Encourage Volunteering                                                                                      
  • Encouraging Parent Participation in School Activities             
  • Preparing for Testing
  • What Happens During Inclement Weather
  • Safety Precautions & Procedures
  • School Activities
  • Message from the Superintendent
  • School Manual Reminders
  • Message from the Principal, (beginning, mid-year, end of the year)

Why is The Principal Steps different?

It’s all in the approach!  This workbook introduces you to HUNDREDS of cognate    words and teaches you how to produce your own comments and requests using these cognate nouns and adjectives.  There are no verb conjugations or complicated grammar, just a  simple format that shows you how to build the sentences that you need to increase parent communication and encourage parental involvement.  You will amaze yourself at how quickly you can learn and how easy it really is.

Who can benefit from The Principal Steps

 If you have little or no background in the Spanish language then this workbook is for you. Of course you’ve been wanting to learn a little basic Spanish but, so far, just haven’t found the time, or what you have learned was just too complicated and you feel like you can’t use any of it.  Why learn grammar that you can’t use and vocabulary that you just don’t need?  With The Principal Steps, the translated comments are there for you to use right away, even before you sit down to learn a little about the language itself.  Then, as  you proceed in your studying, you’ll start to understand why those comments are written as they are and you’ll even be able to start writing your own comments from scratch!  Don’t lose any more time.  You can do it . . . one step at a time!     

But Wait!  There’s more . . .

  • Tips on writing home to Mom and Dad
  • An overview of the written language
  • All about gender, articles & adjectives
  • All about accent marks & punctuation
  • Reading notes from Mom and Dad 
  • Hispanic Name Structure & Titles
  • Reading the Birth Certificate
  • Reading the Immunization Record
  • Practice Activities with Answers

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