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Home Again With Spanish is a continuation of our popular Going Home With Spanish, and includes more than 500 translated comments. And, just as with the first workbook, your students won’t be the only ones going home with Spanish! This workbook picks up where Going Home With Spanish leaves off and offers even more detailed grammar explanations, delving quite deeply into verb and sentence structure. These areas include:

  • Third-Person Conjugation of Verbs
    enables you to write about the student, as well as to address the parents directly. This
    area includes stem-changing verbs, irregular verbs, infinitive verbs and verbs
    accompanied by prepositions.
  • The Preterit (Past) Tense
    allows you to communicate an isolated incident that occurred during school hours.
  • The Imperative (Commands)
    allows you to address parents directly
  • The Future Tense
    imperative for writing about current performance levels, goals and benchmarks
    during an IEP.
  • Activity For Teacher
    allows you to practice what you are learning in order to make the most of your
    translations and to better understand the grammar.

Other areas included:

  • Object Pronouns
  • Hay
  • More descriptive adjectives and cognate words
  • Full explanation of the different ways to address individuals in Spanish
  • A lot more!!

Home Again With Spanish also includes more than 500 additional translated comments from English to Spanish for typical comments sent home on school documents. Areas included are:

  • Inviting The Parents To Meet
  • Telling Them About Yourself And The Class
  • What Parents Can Do At Home To Help The Student
  • Reminders For Parents
  • The Library, School Photos, Sports Events
  • Special Events; Halloween, Birthday Parties, Activities, etc.
  • Expressing Your Concerns
  • On The Playground; In The Cafeteria
  • Upcoming Tests And Testing
  • Relationships With Others
  • Concerns Specific To The Older Students
  • The IEP; Current Performance & Goals

Remember, Going Home With Spanish and Home Again With Spanish are your connection to communicating, one step-at-a-time, with the Spanish-speaking parents of your students

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