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A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide to Speaking Spanish for School Bus Drivers
This resource is a 28-page workbook designed to meet the needs of school bus drivers. Spanish On Wheels will expand your ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking students on the bus and the parent or caretaker who accompanies them to and from the bus stop.

Spanish On Wheels will enable you, the school bus driver, to immediately begin speaking Spanish by using the very basics of the language. It also offers tips to help you understand the language. There is no complicated grammar or irrelevant vocabulary presented in your workbook. Spanish On Wheels gets right to the point and teaches you what you need to know to make your job more safe and enjoyable.

Being able to speak and understand a little basic Spanish will benefit the school bus driver in two ways:

  1. The school bus driver will be able to give commands to the student on the bus who may be limited-English proficient. Presented in the workbook are lead-in phrases that may all be combined with the infinitive verbs presented (there is no conjugation of verb tenses in the workbook). The school bus driver will learn to say:

    ♦ You should (shouldn’t). . .

    ♦ You can (can’t). . .
    ♦ You need to (you don’t need to). . .

    ♦ You have to (you don’t have to). . .

  2. Along with these phrases the workbook presents OVER 100 VERBS in their infinitive form to be combined with these phrases to form what are known as “soft commands.” All of the verbs presented deal with actions that are pertinent to the bus ride.

It is not only the student on the bus that the driver needs to communicate with, but also the parent or caretaker who drops off or picks up the student at the bus stop. The workbook also teaches communication with these parents or caretakers who may speak Spanish only.

Areas covered in your workbook include:

  • pronunciation
  • greetings & farewells
  • days of the week
  • gender
  • body parts
  • hay & ¿dónde está?
  • numbers
  • telling time
  • translations of phrases
  • months of the year
  • job-related vocabulary
  • practice exercises & Answer Key
  • Over 100 verbs to help you with commands

Learn to communicate with your students on the bus and their parents!

Special Note for Transportation Directors:
Spanish On Wheels is a great supplement to your school or school district’s Bus Driver Training.

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